Gisela Lowenstein's Glow System

When the Glow System first hit the web it seemed the perfect home management solution. Its founder, Gisela Lowenstein, was a great spokeperson.

I learned about the Glow System from a friend of mine at our weekly Ladies Poker Night. A group of us enjoy playing poker at an online us casino player friendly website. Each week a different person hosts. We often choose a night that there is a tournament. We also always check out the weekly promos at the several online casinos where we may choose to play. Several times due to bad weather and the loss of electricity and the internet we have just ended up playing poker with real cards and chips. One evening we visited my friend, xx, home and was her place looking great. What's your secret, we all asked, to the house looking so organized and neat. Did you hire a cleaning lady. And then she should us the Glow System DVD. That evening we spent more time asking XX about the Glow System and less time playing online poker. I think the time was well spent. I was hooked.

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw that the domain had expired and was available. I immediately bought it with the goal of recreating as much of the original content as possible from archived pages. Gisela Lowenstein's message still needs to be heard. SO for all those out there who have been following the Glow System this content may make you feel some nostalgia, and for those of you who have never heard of the Glow System, read on and be inspired. Feel the Glow! And thank you Gisela Lowenstein for showing us how to keep sane with her complete home and time management model.

My Story

When I moved from my home country of Argentina to the United States, I realized I needed to find the balance between running a household, and my responsibilities as a wife and mother. With so many things to do, I felt that it would be helpful to hire a housekeeper, and through the process I discovered how difficult it was to find people with knowledge of, or interest in cleaning and managing a home.  This led to my initial idea for Glow as a way to demystify home cleaning.

Life is a consequence of events, however, in 2005 when I was set to start filming, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was quite a terrifying blow, especially with three small children. I decided to leave the Glow project on hold. Embarking on a journey of chemo sessions, surgeries and a long recovery was physically and mentally challenging. The process taught me how important it is to live a life full of meaningful and memorable moments. Everything from a kiss from your husband or kids, to looking out on a beautiful day, energizes you and allows you to live a life that glows as bright as can be.

Since my deeper appreciation for life's simplest joys empowered me and helped me grow in new ways, I evolved my original idea for Glow into a more profound concept of creating a complete home and time management model.

I am confident that The Glow System Series, starting with the Home Cleaning Edition, will help you attain balance in your own life and allow you to glow both inside and out!

Gisela Lowenstein

The Glow System President & Founder

The Glow System

The Glow System is the perfect home management solution! We developed our Home Cleaning Edition for anyone who wants to learn how to clean and organize their home quickly and efficiently so that they have more time to enjoy it with family and friends. Although my partner is a software manager and suggested we include a computer model to help with the organization of information, there really is no need for any high tech knowledge to use the system. The only custom application development we used was to build out a system to make it easier to publish our techniques. So no need for users to even use a computer! Based on Founder Gisela Lowenstein's years of research and experience in the hospitality industry, the program breaks down cleaning into easy-to-follow techniques.

No matter what your needs are, The Glow System is the ultimate cleaning companion. It is flexible and can be applied to any type, size or style of home, and can also be used whether or not you have a housekeeper. Our DVD and flashcards help you breeze through your cleaning! You will also be able to access countless resources found here on our website and in our regular newsletters.

Whether you want to clean your own home without spending all your free time doing so, or teach family members to clean and help around the house, this simple program can help get everyone involved.

The Home Cleaning Edition is also the best tool for homeowners who need to train their housekeepers. It reduces the time you need to invest in teaching the fundamentals and at the same time minimizes the typical trial and error that can be frustrating. Housekeepers themselves can benefit too as they learn how to sharpen their skills and better manage their time to get the job well done, without being exhausted or overwhelmed at the end of the day.

The Glow System reveals the true secret to a clean and organized home. Just follow our simple methods and watch your home begin to Glow!

How It Works

The Glow System is the ultimate resource. We start by demonstrating our basic cleaning principles: The Glow Method and The Glow Color Code.  Once you've understood and mastered techniques such as these, we will guide you as you dive into the details.

The DVD consists of 8 short chapters, which should be first seen in the suggested order. You can then watch the video as many times as necessary in its entirety or by individual chapters. If you are using The Glow System to train another person, we highly recommend that you watch the video first before starting to teach the individual.

You will then be ready to establish a cleaning schedule and routine that will best serve your needs. Our flashcards help you do this by distinguishing between deep cleaning and daily maintenance routines. They also serve as great reminders of all the main points presented in the video. Now, just pop in the video and you'll be on your way to a clean and organized home in no time so that you have more time to devote to what really matters most... living a life that GLOWS!

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and check back often to this site for updates on more helpful tips and techniques.



Since my family and I have moved abroad a few times because of my husband's job, The Glow System has been a great help!  It makes it easier to settle into a new country and allows me to attend to my two small children and busy schedule without worrying about my home. It's been helpful to show a new housekeeper the video to make sure the fundamentals are covered. Then all I have to do is explain how I like specific things to be handled in my house. It's also been great in helping us create a schedule to meet everyone's needs in the family. The kids are even setting the table and making their beds.

- Estela G., Homemaker and Mother of two children (Living Abroad in Brazil)


Between my demanding career and social activities in the city, finding time for my fiance and I to clean our condo is tough. Hiring a housekeeper was the only solution for us and Glow has helped a great deal. For our housekeeper, it eliminated the guessing of what we expect and for us it eliminated any stress or frustration of having someone new take care of your home.  She was able to jump right in and we actually follow the sample schedule available on the website of someone who has help two times a week. Thanks for such a great product.

- Stefanie W., Attorney (New York City)


As a full time working mother of three kids, I don't have time for cleaning my house or teaching my housekeeper what to do. Also, when I'm home, I don't want to spend my time teaching and overseeing the cleaning.   For that reason, I loved having your Glow video, which provides very simple easy training for my housekeeper so she could learn what to do and what I can expect. Having it offered in Spanish was a major added bonus. Thank you for coming up with this idea.

- Adrienne P., Attorney and Mother of three (Miami)


My house is FINALLY being cleaned properly! GLOW's video thoroughly explains how to clean a home using proper cleaning materials and methods, which result in a sparkling home with no damage to furnishings.

- Andrea K., Homemaker and Working Mother of two (Miami)

Glow Inside and Out: Blog Posts from 2012


Mar 30 2012

Tips for Surviving Allergy Season

Along with closet cleaning, the beginning of spring also ushers in a new annual phase known as allergy season. This is when the appearance of the season’s flora causes allergens and, subsequently allergies, to run wild, making this period a bit difficult for some of our children. So, it is important to keep allergies in mind when cleaning your home during the next few months.

Glow Tips for allergy season cleaning:

1) Use a facemask

While you clean wear a facemask. Limiting the contact of mold, dust mites and allergens makes the experience less bothersome.

2) Microfiber or a wet cleaning cloth to clean surfaces

Use a wet cloth or a Microfiber cloth. Microfiber is the ideal product for cleaning for those suffering from allergies and asthma. Dry or with water, it will grab the dust without the use of cleaning products and will not scratch surfaces.

Glow Tip: Avoid using a duster; the dust worsens the allergies. Avoid feathers!!!

3) Clean the Floors with a vacuum cleaner a microfiber broom or a steam cleaner

Do not use a broom. It is better to vacuum or to use a microfiber broom to sweep the floor. Steam cleaning is also another alternative. To do this use a steamer, it will not require more than water and does not need cleaning products. Remember to vacuum carpets periodically.

4) Change your AC filters periodically

Dirty filters will increase the effects of allergies. Change your AC filters at least once a month.

5) Clean your kitchen and bathroom surfaces

Disinfect surfaces like kitchen counters, bathroom countertops and showers with natural products like baking soda and water or vinegar. Clean everything from the shower curtain to the sink.

Places that should be periodically cleaned:

  • Bedside tables: use a microfiber cloth
  • Your bed and headboard: Clean the headboard and base of the bed- consider removing the mattress and vacuuming the mattress. If the headboard and bed frame is upholstered make sure to vacuum it. If it is made of wood or other another non upholstered surface clean it with a microfiber cloth- with or without water. .
  • The mattress.  Using a pad can reduce the exposure to allergens. If this is the case, periodically clean your pad with hot water. To prevent dust mites, flip your mattress periodically.
  • The Sofa: vacuum the sofas removing all the cushions. Use the appropriate vacuum attachment.  Make sure to vacuum tiny corners!
  • Spray upholstered surfaces with an allergens minimizer: Spraying this surfaces with an allergen minimizer will help prevent that small particles spread into the air and will help minimized the risk of allergies

Note: vacuum cleaners can have filters too. HEPA filters are ideal; they will filter 99% of the particles and trap allergens, such as dust mites, fine particles.


Feb 3 2012

Super Snacks for Super Bowl Sunday

While the New York Giants and New England Patriots face off in the Lucas Oil Stadium, you’ll be sure to be serving touch down worthy treats in your own kitchen. Browse‘s Super Bowl Menu to find some tasty eats to keep your football fans satisfied as the game kickoffs this Sunday evening. Try this quick and easy recipe for mini Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches, a traditional favorite.


Feb 2 2012

Five Tips for the Next Six Weeks of Winter

According to official weather-predicting groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, winter is far from over. Short days and long nights can make for a boring time, so beat the winter doldrums with these easy tips.

  1. Exercise. Keeping active during these next weeks is crucial. Don’t start spring off with another pseudo-New Year’s resolution—start now!
  2. Start reading. Pick up a series of books and, by the time you’re done, it’ll be time to enjoy the outdoors again.
  3. Rest. Take advantage of the ample dark hours and catch up on sleep. You’ll feel better, and might even be more inclined to act on suggestion #1.
  4. Plan a trip! Whether you want to get out of the cold weather or escape the heat and vacation in a snowy place, take a break from your usual climate.
  5. Dress the part. Break out your brights and spend the rest of the winter wearing your most vibrantly hued clothes.


Jan 30 2012

Keeping Organized is Easy as 1-2-3

Last Monday, we gave you a few tips on organizing your home office into a clutter-free, orderly space. This week, we’re giving you three tips to keeping it that way.

1. File away papers that aren’t being used and lay papers you are working with in a paper tray.

2. Shred the papers you no longer need.

3. Place each item in its corresponding place—keep pens, paper clips and other items you have multiples of in organized sections. 

We can see the glow already.


Jan 23 2012

Organization Mondays: The Home Office

Part of welcoming in the New Year has to do with starting off with a clarified state of mind – as well as an organized living and working environment. A home office should be maintained in order to keep up with your lifestyle and work out of the home.

Glow Tip: Make sure you have the appropriate storage equipment to be able to store each item in its corresponding place.

As hard as we may try to contain organization in our home office, there are those unavoidable forces that will always leave a mess behind (kids, especially). Some objects that typically clutter a home office are:

  • School supplies
  • Crayons and markers
  • Pencils, pens and erasers
  • Papers and journals
  • Paper clips
  • Tray for pending items
  • Stationary
  • Mail
  • Post-it notes

The best method to get things in order is to purchase separate containers for these items in order to keep them visible, accessible and arranged properly. Also, don’t forget to label the containers with the names of the items inside for easy finding.


Jan 26

Cleaning Tip: Hard to Reach Areas

As January comes to an end, there’s still plenty to be cleaned and organized, especially per out New Year’s resolutions. Only have the tough, tight spaces left? Follow these glow tips and they’ll be done in no time, leaving you with a glowing home and a clean conscience.

Stop struggling to clean small spaces and hard to reach places in your home. Watch this instructional video for tips on how to get those spaces clean without getting frustrated.

The Glow System:Hard to Reach Areas

  • Always use a ladder to reach those concealed edges.
  • Wrap an extendable duster with a towel and secure it with a rubberband to reach into high places.
  • Lightly spray a cloth with water to pick up all dust and dirt.
  • Always start from top to bottom.
  • Don’t forget to wipe all sides of the frame and clean the door and door edges.


Jan 21 2012

Glow Quick-Tips: Cleaning to Avoid Sickness

Don’t wait until the whole family is sick to do damage control on the germ factor in your home. Instead, prevent illness by cleaning the surfaces that are frequently touched throughout your home.

Here’s a checklist to make sure you hit all the germ hotspots.

  •     Clean your home phone receiver
  •     Clean all door handles
  •     Clean all knobs, such as those on drawers, cabinets, kitchen, etc.
  •     Clean sink faucets
  •     Clean appliance handles, especially refrigerator and freezer door handles
  •     Clean all of the remote controls
  •     Wipe toys after use

Use disinfectant products like Lysol to easily clean all of these items. Simple spray and wipe down. Spraying your rooms with a disinfectant will eliminate floating germs or bacteria.  Researchers have found that kids whose rooms are properly disinfected have a 40% less likely chance of acquiring colds or influenza. If you have babies it is essential to clean toys.


Jan 20 2012

Keep a Clean, Classy Kitchen

If there is an area of congregation in any household it would certainly be the kitchen. A home’s kitchen is the one room that experiences the most daily traffic. Thus, the kitchen should always be kept neat, presentable, and attractive to the eye, for you never know when an unannounced guest may show up.

Nate Berkus is an interior designer that offers beautiful yet simple techniques for keeping the home organized and stylish, while still being accessible to the family. Here are some of his tips for re vamping a dull or lifeless kitchen.


Jan 17 2012

Take the Challenge: Teach Your Kids to Organize Their Rooms

Have you ever asked yourself if there’s a way you can teach your kids to organize their rooms? After years of trying with my own children, I have reached the conclusion that it is not about knowing how to clean; it’s about having a system. By showing my children that they were spending more time whining than actually organizing, they learned my system of organization so they could spend less time cleaning and more time doing what they love. If you can get your kids to visualize this, you have won the battle!

Phase 1: The Shelves

Getting started is simple: teach your kids to start by eliminating things that they won’t need anymore, like old toys or books (and suggest that they try to throw out or donate things that are not being used). If your kids have trophies, encourage them to display their awards, but suggest they try a place where they can easily be dusted later.

Remember that sometimes kids want to throw away items that are meaningful to us as parents, so with a level of discretion we should explain why it is important to keep some of these items. Always remember, though, that giving them freedom is a great way to help them learn how to clean and organize their rooms. Relocate items they don’t want in their rooms but you want to keep to another space in the home.

Phase 2: The Drawers

Open each drawer with your kids and ask them: “Is this organized?” Watch the expression on their faces–it’s part of the fun! Then have them empty the drawer. If you find a beautiful masterpiece made by them, praise them. Cleaning can lead to moments of love and compliments.

Organize the drawers by type. If you can help your kids understand that organizing their rooms means placing things that relate to a similar interest in the same place, they will (hopefully) apply this into other areas of their lives. Remind them that cleaning up benefits the whole family—everyone enjoys being able to find things right away.

Phase 3: The Desk

Set a specific location for each of these items:

  • School supplies
  • Crayons and markers
  • Pencils, pens and erasers
  • Papers and journals

It is important for kids to understand that it’s not only about keeping organized shelves and drawers; it is also about keeping the desk in order. Make this a special and fun moment easily. Have them tests out pens, pencils and crayons by playing a quick game of tic-tac-toe. Also let kids decorate their desks as they please, but add one rule: leave empty space for work in the middle of the desk.

Keeping these three areas—the shelves, the drawers and the desk—clean and orderly is great practice for kids to learn to be organized and tidy. Plus, having those areas looking nice gives the room a whole new glow.


Jan 14 2012

Keeping it Cool: Fake a Snow Day When the Sun’s in Full Play

Celebrating the excitement associated with the winter months with your family can prove extra difficult in cities like Miami where the weather dictates the mood. While many live here for just that purpose, it’s somewhat more trying to get in the winter spirit when the upwards-of-eighty-degree days make it feel like July year round. Solution: put on your thinking caps and get creative.

Here are five ways to get festive in February, despite the high temperatures calling you convincingly to the beach, thanks in part to our friends at Kaboose.

1. Nothing warms the soul like some freshly baked goods. Compete with cookies and make your favorites hot treats with the ones you love.

2. If it’s not snowing in your backyard, then you should hit the ice. Go to an ice skating rink and pretend you’re twirling, care free, around Central Park.

3.  While snow globes can be found in souvenir shops in the most visited cities around the world, there’s nothing like festive holiday globes filled with snowmen. Make your own at home.

4. Miami air conditioning is made to battle the summer months. Drop your air conditioner a few degrees and build a fire. You’ll instantly feel like you’re in a cabin in the mountains.

5. Cook something with festive flavors. When it’s cold out, the richer the better. Make your own hot chocolate—use dark.